Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Transfer week!

This week has been crazy!  So many things were going on. Yesterday was transfers and we got some awesome news. Our branch got two more sisters, which makes 6 sisters and 2 elders. We have 8 missionaries now! Our area was kinda overwhelming and it beginning to be difficult trying to make visits to our investigators and our less active members. We needed some extra help so our area got split in half. I'm excited to focus in more on the people we teach. We also got a mini van! It's awesome.  

Yesterday at transfer meeting we had to coordinate 10 sisters and their stuff. Let me tell you. Sisters have a lot of stuff. We had to pack everything our in mini van and it was really full. I love having lots of sisters. Our elders feel a little out numbered (because they are). 

Shout out to my brother! He came yesterday. I'm so proud of him and dedication to serve an honorable mission. We have really good investigators and we are hoping to get some baptisms next month. It's wonderful getting to watch people's lives change. I loved being able to be with through everything. We get to help people say their first out loud prayer and answer their questions. 

We had a Father's day activity and another sister got dressed up for it! Have a great week!

Sister Sarah MacKillop

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