Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Transfer week!

This week has been crazy!  So many things were going on. Yesterday was transfers and we got some awesome news. Our branch got two more sisters, which makes 6 sisters and 2 elders. We have 8 missionaries now! Our area was kinda overwhelming and it beginning to be difficult trying to make visits to our investigators and our less active members. We needed some extra help so our area got split in half. I'm excited to focus in more on the people we teach. We also got a mini van! It's awesome.  

Yesterday at transfer meeting we had to coordinate 10 sisters and their stuff. Let me tell you. Sisters have a lot of stuff. We had to pack everything our in mini van and it was really full. I love having lots of sisters. Our elders feel a little out numbered (because they are). 

Shout out to my brother! He came yesterday. I'm so proud of him and dedication to serve an honorable mission. We have really good investigators and we are hoping to get some baptisms next month. It's wonderful getting to watch people's lives change. I loved being able to be with through everything. We get to help people say their first out loud prayer and answer their questions. 

We had a Father's day activity and another sister got dressed up for it! Have a great week!

Sister Sarah MacKillop

Monday, June 16, 2014

Temple Trip

This week has been really crazy but really awesome. We had so many different things happen. I had first exchange with my sister training leader. I stayed in my area and she came with me for the day. I just got here in Phoenix so it was really hard to try and find my way around. I got lost a few times, too. Sometimes we need to get lost in order to find the people God wants us to find. We ended up running into a guy named Oscar. We talked for an hour about his life and how God has been able to help him. He came to church yesterday and asked if he could get baptized, and of course we said yes! We're going to start teaching him this week and hopefully he will baptized this month. 

We also had the chance to go the temple. It was so amazing. I love the temple. I felt the spirit really strong and learned so much. There were so many missionaries there that day. I feel blessed to be on a mission. If anyone would like to know a little more about what I get to experience everyday, ask the missionaries if you can come to visits with them. I'm sure they would love the help. I love when our members come with us to lessons. Last night I had wonderful member of our ward, Sister Tolado come with us. She is blind, but she is an awesome teacher. We love it when anyone can come and bear their testimonies. I hope everyone has a great week and love and miss all of you! By the way Happy Fathers Day to all the dad's out there!

Hermana Sarah MacKillop

Monday, June 9, 2014

School's out!

I hope everyone's enjoying school being out! Things are starting to slow down. I feel like everyone leaves Arizona as soon as it gets hot. Our investigators are really doing good. I love being able to help people get their questions answered! So many people have questions. We get asked about everything. 

Our new investigators Armando and Ruldulfo. We meet them at a apartment complex while we were going to another appointment. We set a lesson with them, but they didn't seem very excited. We came to the appointment and they were waiting for us! They proved us wrong. I was really glad they wanted to hear more. We were teaching them about the restoration, which is how to Mormon church began, and they were asking how what happens when we die. I was like just hold on, we'll teach that next time, don't worry. They're so curious, we just want to teach all the lessons, but it seems like there is never enough time in the day! That just means we have stop by more often.

I love teaching people, even thought it's super hard teaching in Spanish. My suggestion would be if you know anyone and you think they might interested in the church, ask them if they liked to know more! Who knows maybe that's just what they need. Have a great week, and sorry for the lack of pictures. i'll work on that.

Hermana MacKillop

Monday, June 2, 2014

Summer's Here

This week been really crazy but in a good way. We've been working really hard to strengthen the area and it's been working. We have so many people to visit and teach. It's been taking a toll on me physically. I've found myself really tired all the time. Plus we ride our bikes everywhere. I'm still trying to get used to biking everywhere. I didn't exercise before my mission so it's been difficult. I feel like I'm suffering, but I'm happy about it. Even though it really hot, and I'm always tired, I feel great. I don't feel homesick and I'm really happy here. 

Being a missionary is awesome. I love getting to meet people and talk to them about Jesus Christ. Sometimes when I meet people on the streets and they seem like they're struggling, I'll ask if I can pray with them. It seems to make their days just a little better and give them a little hope. I love being able to serve the people in Phoenix.

We meet so many fun and interesting people. People are very open with missionaries. So many people meet me and then start telling me there life stories and they barely know my name! It's not really what I'm used to. 

It's hot here! I sweat so much. It's kinda gross. I feel like taking like 3 showers everyday. It ok when you're riding on the bikes and you have the wind and then you stop and gets even hotter. Luckily everyone is nice and invites us in and gives us cold water. Arizona is kinda like living in an oven. An oven full of wonderful people.

Hermana Sarah MacKillop