Monday, June 2, 2014

Summer's Here

This week been really crazy but in a good way. We've been working really hard to strengthen the area and it's been working. We have so many people to visit and teach. It's been taking a toll on me physically. I've found myself really tired all the time. Plus we ride our bikes everywhere. I'm still trying to get used to biking everywhere. I didn't exercise before my mission so it's been difficult. I feel like I'm suffering, but I'm happy about it. Even though it really hot, and I'm always tired, I feel great. I don't feel homesick and I'm really happy here. 

Being a missionary is awesome. I love getting to meet people and talk to them about Jesus Christ. Sometimes when I meet people on the streets and they seem like they're struggling, I'll ask if I can pray with them. It seems to make their days just a little better and give them a little hope. I love being able to serve the people in Phoenix.

We meet so many fun and interesting people. People are very open with missionaries. So many people meet me and then start telling me there life stories and they barely know my name! It's not really what I'm used to. 

It's hot here! I sweat so much. It's kinda gross. I feel like taking like 3 showers everyday. It ok when you're riding on the bikes and you have the wind and then you stop and gets even hotter. Luckily everyone is nice and invites us in and gives us cold water. Arizona is kinda like living in an oven. An oven full of wonderful people.

Hermana Sarah MacKillop

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