Monday, May 26, 2014


This week I've had lots of opportunities to serve!  We started out the week on Monday but helping a member build a patio for his house. He asked if two sister would willing to cook breakfast for everyone, so of course I volunteered! Sis Evans (who's from Virgina) and I cooked a huge breakfast for 12 people. It was pretty fun and I didn't even have to get dirty. The on Tuesday and I was on exchanges in the English YSA ward and helped a teacher move out of her classroom. It was really fun and she she took us to in and out after. Wed we helped the nicest lady in the whole world! She's blind but at first I didn't even notice because shes so independent. When I walked in I was wondering why she hadn't asked about me since I'm new, but the I realized she couldn't see me and I'm pretty quiet because it's hard to speak Spanish. She got bed bugs so we cleaning the entire house super well, but we had to throw out so much of her furniture. She's so positive and wonderful and I was really glad I could help her.
I would challenge everyone to go and try to find someone you can serve! Even little things make a big difference. As christians, we try to be like Christ. Christ spent his whole life serving the people so we should try and do the same.
We lots of work to do here. Lots of people to visit and teach. Lots of Spanish and opportunities to practice. It's really good to stay busy because then I don't get so distracted by thinking of home. Thanks for all the love and support I get from everyone back home!
Hermana Sarah MacKillop

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