Wednesday, May 7, 2014

5 more days!

It feel like I've been here forever. My time in the CCM is so long and so short. I'm so excited to go to Arizona and serve the people there. My Spanish is improving with everyday. I can speak with natives understand most everything and carry on conversations. It super cool. I would of never thought I could learn a language in 6 weeks. This week has been full of studying. We study so much I feel like I can't possibly put more Spanish in my head. My teacher speaks only Spanish in class. We also can't speak any more English in class. It's challenging but it is helping a lot. 

I'm getting a little sad about leaving my friends here. Its been such a great opportunity to meet so many amazing people. this week we got another district or group of missionaries in our zone. We are in charge of helping them get settled. I love them. They are three more girls. One is from Hawaii, another girl  is Los Vegas, and the last girl came all the way from Australia! They're are very fun to be with. We been talking are final pictures and even started packing which is crazy.

Being in the MTC kinda feels the pre mortal life. We learn all of these awesome things. We get really excited. We get to make friends. They keep telling us the mission will be really hard but it'll be worth it. The we go to field and work really hard for 17 more months, separated from our friends and family. Then after we finish our work we get to home and see everyone! I'm grateful for my opportunity to serve. I feel very blessed. Even though it is hard to follow all the rules and be a good missionary, it is worth it! I'm happily serving the Lord and helping people come closer to God. My companion and I leave Monday at 3 in the morning. I'm so grateful for all of the love and support everyone has given me. Thanks for everything you do! Keep being awesome. The pictures of my companion and I good friends who left yesterday. Wish them luck in Maryland!


If anyone wants to send me anything my address is:
Hermana Sarah MacKillop
Arizona Scottsdale Mission
6265 N 82nd St.
Scottsdale AZ 85250

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