Monday, June 9, 2014

School's out!

I hope everyone's enjoying school being out! Things are starting to slow down. I feel like everyone leaves Arizona as soon as it gets hot. Our investigators are really doing good. I love being able to help people get their questions answered! So many people have questions. We get asked about everything. 

Our new investigators Armando and Ruldulfo. We meet them at a apartment complex while we were going to another appointment. We set a lesson with them, but they didn't seem very excited. We came to the appointment and they were waiting for us! They proved us wrong. I was really glad they wanted to hear more. We were teaching them about the restoration, which is how to Mormon church began, and they were asking how what happens when we die. I was like just hold on, we'll teach that next time, don't worry. They're so curious, we just want to teach all the lessons, but it seems like there is never enough time in the day! That just means we have stop by more often.

I love teaching people, even thought it's super hard teaching in Spanish. My suggestion would be if you know anyone and you think they might interested in the church, ask them if they liked to know more! Who knows maybe that's just what they need. Have a great week, and sorry for the lack of pictures. i'll work on that.

Hermana MacKillop

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