Monday, July 7, 2014

Dust Storms!

I survived my first dust storm! Dust storms are the craziest thing! The sky was super dark and there was lighting everywhere,but no rain! I'm convinced this place never rains. We hid inside a members home until it was finished. It kinda felt like the end of the world.

4th of July was really fun. We decided to go to a park and talk to lots of people. Some people were really interested and wanting missionaries to come and teach them. Other people weren't very nice said some pretty rude things to us. I like being a Sister missionary because even though we wear skirts we blend in better with crowds. The Elders or boy missionaries have to wear white shirts and slacks all the time. It was sooo hot. We so hot and sweaty during the fireworks.

We got to go to the visitors center in Mesa with one of our investigators. His name is Emmanuel. He's 10 and he's a really cool kid. He loved the Visitors center. We watched a movie about Joseph Smith and he thought it was super cool. We showed around the temple. He said the fountains looked really classy. It's been really amazing teaching him. The first lesson we had with him, he was begging us to get him baptized. He loves coming to church and learning about all the cool stories in the Bible.
Made it to my 3 month mark! I feel like I'm starting to accept the fact I'm not leaving for a while. I have a lot more time to teach and serve people. Arizona's a pretty interesting place to live, but I like it here. There's not really anything green, excepts cactus. When ever I find some grass I just want to go and lay in it and pretend it's not over 110 outside.
Well I hope everyone had a great 4th of July!
Hermana Sarah MacKillop

 This is a picture of the sand storm I found on Facebook.  The Temple really is a refuge from the storm.

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