Monday, July 21, 2014

So many crazy things!

I'm sorry I was not able to send a letter out last week. We had some serious computer problems. I had to learn some more patience that's for sure. 

Arizona has some crazy weather. When it rains it pours. We had a rain storm and it was raining so much! While it was raining the sky was going black. I started freaking out because it looked like there's was going to be a tornado. Well apparently that's normal here. My companion didn't quite understand why I was scared because she's never been in a tornado before. We survived no problems. Things are cooling down because we're entering monsoon season. It's really nice and its more humid so I feel right at home!

I've started being left alone in the area (alone without a companion that speaks spanish). Yes, alone without my companion. The sister missionary who is my temporary companion doesn't speak any Spanish. She's great. She just smiles and nods her head even though she doesn't understand anything. It's pretty funny. Good news is, I survived! I've been able to do all my phone calls and visits by myself. I've been learning I know more Spanish then I think I do.  

We got to go a pandria which is like a Hispanic bakery/sandwhich/taco shop. It was so good. I loved getting to use my Spanish and eat really good food. There was really nice chill Mexican music in the background playing. Out of no where though, eye of the tiger starts blasting through the speakers.  It was a pretty funny moment. Luckily it was quickly turned off. 

We had an all Spanish Charla for the whole valley, which covers Scotsdale, Phoenix and Mesa. A Charla or fireside is meeting where people sing and give talks or testimonies. Our branch was in charge and was very fun and spiritually uplifting. I don't know who told everyone I could sing. I can sing, I'm not sure how much the audience enjoys it, but I can sing. I sang at the Charla with the other missionaries of the branch. I also sang for the Zone last week. Hopefully I won't be asked to sing more. 

Till next week!
 Hermana Sarah MacKillop

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