Monday, July 28, 2014

Climbing Mountains

This week was a little crazy.  In the past week I have been on so many exchanges. I was working in the English Young Single Adult ward for 4 days! I missed speaking Spanish and Phoenix. Phoenix is a cool place. We've had more dust storms. Not as bad as the last one though. Also thank you for everyone who sent stuff in my packages. I got lots of love from Lewisville 2nd ward! I heard things are cooling down in Texas. I wish I could say the same for here. Its all good. I'm working on my tan. 

Today has been a great day. I climbed my first mountain ever! It was really hard, but I liked it. We climbed Squaw Peak. It was kind of similar to walking up an endless staircase. It was so high..... We talked to lots of people on the trail and made some new friends. Some ladies from the ward came and made it even better. We ran into our less actives we are working with. We found them at the top of mountain. The kids are super fun and we had a fun time talking to them. 

Some thing that I have been thinking about is questions. In our church we believe in asking questions. Our religion starting with a boy who had a question. Joseph Smith asked God which church is right and which should I join? God answered his question and told him none of the church had all of the truth and that Joseph Smith should help restore the Church of God.  I know God will answer our questions. Sometimes we just need to ask. It can never hurt to ask. It can be about religion, life choices, doctrine, anything. Ask questions this week!

Hermana Sarah MacKillop

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