Monday, January 5, 2015

New Years!

Fun stories from this week! Now that I'm back in spanish work part time, I run into some really funny moments. We were teaching this family that has two small boys. The little wanted to show me his toys so he put them on my lap. Well I started to get a lot of toys on my lap. He didn't speak any English though. I kept trying to tell him to put his toys back, but I didn't know how to say it in Spanish, so I accidentally told him to bring more. Well I ended up with a lot of toys on my lap.
New years! We had a good New year. We ate dinner at a member's house New Years Eve and played games afterwards. Then we went to a member's party and had a Nerf gun fight with some of our members and the other missionaries. New years day we had a missionary party and played boards and watched movies. It was super great. We played Russian monopoly. An Elder who got evacuated from Ukraine brought it.
Today we helped a lady move. We had missionaries in the house cleaning and moving boxes. It was really cool. The house was n really bad shape (really dirty, other little friends like bugs). Instead of whining and making rude comments, we decided to sing! We sang while we scrubbed the walls and floors and vents and cleared boxes. An old lady in her wheel chair wheeled in there to listen to us, and actually started crying. She loved our singing that much.
Remember there are always people around that need a helping hand. You just have to look! Serving others brings happiness and who doesn't want to be happy?
Hermana Sarah MacKillop

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