Monday, January 26, 2015

Another Week!

I'm still in Paradise Valley. It's pretty fun here. I've been serving in a Young Single Adult ward and a Spanish ward. I have some pretty fun adventures. Last night at dinner a member from the YSA ward fed us. He served in Brazil and he's from the South so he fed us this rice and meat dish. There was this weird sausage in it. It was super chewy. Well I soon discovered it wasn't sausage, it was chicken hearts! Actually it wasn't that bad. I kind of enjoyed it. My companion didn't like it all. Poor thing, she's a new missionary and not used to strange things. He also fed us this giant cake. It was a seven pound cake and I think we ate a pound each.

Well on a more spiritual note. Book of Mormon reading group we should be finished with 2nd Nephi by now. Also there is a super cool movie about the Book of Mormon. Our president gave us permission to watch it and I liked a lot. Everyone should go check it out!

Sister Sarah MacKillop

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