Monday, November 3, 2014

The heat is over!

It's cold here! Anything under 80 degrees feels so cold now. I've been in Arizona too long. I love being in the Valley though. I am know with my old companion Sis Brandley. Were together in Sept and now we are back together again. Sis Brandley round 2. But we are now serving in a YSA ward. Yes, I never thought I would serve in Young Single Adult ward but I am. I'm not positive I'll ever make it back to spanish work, but maybe one day. It's ok though because everyone needs the Gospel in their lives and Young Single Adult wards are very fun.

I love my companion. She is super great and we get along really well. I've been trying to have more fun and enjoy my mission. I still try and work hard, but who said it had to be boring! We recently got to go the Phoenix Temple open house which was really cool. Normally temples aren't open to the public but before it gets dedicated its open to the public for a few weeks. It's been really cool taking people. Sis Entin and I took our 80 year old investigator. She gets grumpy, so we promised her ice cream if she would come. She liked the ice cream and the temple. Last time we took her to the Visitor center she got really angry because she couldn't go inside the temple. This time it went better. 

We have some really great young investigators which super exciting. They are super cool and fun to teach. I promise I'll be better at writing group emails. I'm going to make it goal. Also taking more pictures. That's another goal. 

Hermana Sarah MacKillop

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