Tuesday, September 2, 2014

More flooding in Arizona

This week is going to be short but I had my first baptism! A man named Kenny got baptized. He's has been a member for about 30 years and now he's has decided to also get baptized. It was a great day and luckily everything went pretty smoothly.
We've had a lot of flooding problems! Our parking lots was under 2 feet of water for a while. Pictures next week. They have some crazy storms here. Things are going good in english work. We are kept really busy. There is a lot of work here. 

We had a talent show and we got volunteered to sing. I'm always getting volunteered to sing. For some reason people think that all missionaries can sing. That's not true. We sounded kind of terrible. We are called to teach not, to sing. Someone should clarify that. 

President Nelson is coming to our mission and the mesa mission! I'm really excited to taught by an apostle of the Lord. He's coming Sept 20.  The missionaries get a spacial meeting with him. 

Sorry I don't have more time. I've gotta go do the work of the Lord!
Hermana Sarah MacKillop

PS Shoutout to Emilyn and Liz! Happy birthday! I didn't forget about you!

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