Thursday, August 28, 2014

Another week en la obra de Ingles

First to answer a few frequently asked questions.

Q: How is your tan? 
A: Well, I'm not sure how this works, but I have stopped getting burnt, but I have tan very little. I am probably on shade darker. I look very white next to all the other bike missionaries. 

Q: Why are you in English work if you are a Spanish missionary?
A: I have asked myself the same thing. It's where they need to serve right now. 

Q: How do you ride a bike in a skirt?
A: Bike shorts. We wear bike shorts underneath our skirts. They're very comfy. The only hazard is sometimes the brakes eat my skirt which is really annoying. 

Ok well this week has been pretty good. I'm getting to know my new companion. She is so sassy. She's makes laugh all the time. I'm getting used to all the new people. We cover two wards and I do Spanish work one day a week. There's a lot of people to meet and remember. I'm in car now. It's great because I'm the driver. I like being able to drive. It makes me feel more normal. Send in any questions you want answered for the next time I do another Q&A. Till next week! Sorry this is short!

Hermana Sarah MacKillop

I'm sending a picture of all of us in my last branch. I don't have pictures with the new ward, yet.

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