Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Party in the MTC

Well, a spiritual party, where all we do is study, but its still fun. We have been getting to know our elders better and it has been really fun. We call the elders, our little turtles. They are very slow and we beat them every where. 

We had a rainstorm which was really cool. It reminded me of home. Everyone started freaking out. We had to go back to our classroom, so we took off our shoes and ran for it. 

This week I´ve been sick was hasn´t been fun. The Mexican food is disagreeing with me. It makes study all day less enjoyable but I got better so all is good now. We fasted as district for two meals which was cool for fast Sunday. Ive been getting better at playing basketball which is fun. I like our little casa we live in. Its really nice. I love the food and everything about it here. Its so beautiful. Dont worry about the water, we have our own supple separate from Mexico city. 

Im sending a picture of our elders in our district. More pictures next week.
Sorry for how short is it! More next week.

Hermana MacKillop

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