Tuesday, April 8, 2014

MTC Week 1

The plane ride to mexico was very beautiful and not too stressful. Some missionaries traveled as far as 10 or 12 hours to get here. One girl was from Alaska! The ride from the airport to the MTC
was very crazy. My group was all from Utah were freaking out because of the driving. I was like this is just like 635 in morning! Except during the traffic people were selling things in the streets while the cars were stopped. I didn't know this but Mexico city is in the mountain, in fact its 7,000 feet in the mountains. I saw all kind of crazy things when I flew over. I saw a giant home depot, soccer fields on roofs and other crazy stuff. O when I was trying to get into to mexico I encountered some problems. I made it through customs no problem, but in baggage claim I made it out without my passport. I was trying to explain this but no one spoke English so it was very hard. I finally got back there and found it so don't worry. I just had a Sarah moment.
I really like my district. There are 6 elders and just me and companion. It ok though because are very nice and take good care of us. They are very spiritual and cry a lot. I am blister free! I haven't had any problems with my shoes. The other sisters have been getting really nasty blisters and I'm grateful for my skills with moleskin. Funny story, there was this elder and he looked super familiar. I looked at his name tag and it said Follet. Then it hit me! This was Nick Follet (I think that's how you spell it) from my seminary class. He's changed a lot but he still pretty crazy. We have to teach in Spanish and its very scary. Yesterday I thought only in Spanish for 45 minutes! It went really well and we felt the spirit. Our Elders have been giving lots of blessings and its been cool seeing them use their priesthood.

I get along with companion really well. Her name is Sister Knouse. We work really well together. Mexico is very beautiful. I'm attaching some photos of my study area and my companion. 

Don't worry about me. I am happy and working and speaking Spanish.

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