Monday, February 16, 2015


We seem to have been doing lots of really fun service projects. Everyone trying to get everything done before it gets too hot. I heard everyone is really cold right now. We're suffering, and by suffering it's a perfect 80 degrees. Arizona is really great. So I learned how to build a stone fence. Yes stone fences are a big thing here. We were joking around about it. They can't have wood fences because they would catch on fire in the summer. I have the gift! All the sister missionaries are secretly stone masons. All the elders were breaking the stones, but the sister chisel really well. My chiseling arm is pretty sore though. 

We have also been teaching some fun people. Gabriel is from Iraq and he speaks Arabic and English. We teach him in English and he reads the scriptures in Arabic. It's fun. He a Christian and he has lots of questions. He's been studying the church for a long time now. 

We have been really busy recently. We have been overbooking ourselves and we didn't get a lunch break for 2 days in a row. Being busy is good! But sometimes you get tired...

That's all for this week

Sister Sarah MacKillop

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