Monday, April 6, 2015


I'm not getting transferred! I will be staying in Scottsdale till the end of May. Also we will be getting iPad's in May. Our mission has been approved finally. I think we might be the last Arizona mission to get them.

Being on bike has been really fun. Kinda. I've been getting a work out. I usually bike around 10 miles a day. Exercise is a good thing though. I go a little crazy if I don't bike. Which this week was interesting because I got a little sick and so did my companion. When we get sick we call our mission nurse. Well. I didn't want to call the nurse. Next thing I knew I heard my companion, pride comes before the hospitalization. Turns out I'm fine though!

This week was general conference! Which is where all the church leaders give talks and it's really great. This time I watched it with a family at there home. There was a lot of adorable chatter due to the fact that they have a two year old. 

Other than that there's not much new this week!

Sister Sarah MacKillop

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