Monday, March 23, 2015

Scottsdale Days

I would like to apologize about not writing enough group emails. I'm not very good at that sometimes. This week I have some fun stories!

I'm going to start with the funny story of the week. It all starts with District Meeting. Sister Lee and I were asked to give a training on companionship unity. The training went well and we committed everyone do do something during the week to serve/work better with their companion. So this week, Sister Lee and I practiced the lessons a lot, she made my bed and did my dishes and I made me dinner one night. Doesn't sound too funny or interesting, right? Here's the funny part; that dinner I made her? She got food poisoning haha. It was hilarious when we figured it out! I was fine, I guess her body didn't quite accept the lentils, though.

Last night we riding our bikes and we were almost to the apartment and we waved hello to some people on the streets.Then my companion ran into me. It was awkward for everyone, but we survived. They didn't know what to do and we were so embarrassed. 

Well I'm working hard and biking my heart out in Scottsdale, the most livable city. (That's the slogan seriously look it up)

Sister Sarah MacKillop

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